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Compare PDF documents

Find easily differences with Kiwi tool to compare PDF documents. This will allow you:

These instructions correspond to the PRO version of the program. Some of the capabilities discussed here may not exist in other versions. You can see the limitations of each version on the main download page of those versions.

How to compare PDF documents

To compare PDF documents follow the following steps:

1. Load files you are going to compare clicking the Open file buttons located in the top left corner of every document panel, and looking for them in the folder tree. Only files with PDF extensions are going to be shown.

Once both files have been loaded, they should be shown in both document panels.

1. Load Files

2. If desired, change comparison settings choosing Options > Comparing options and selecting the desired options in the menus. First of all, you have to decide the comparison mode:

Every mode has specific options:

Content mode settings:

Appearance mode settings:

2. Comparing Options

3. Select the part of the documents you are going to compare:

3. Select Parts

4. Click Compare button to compare both PDF documents. After the process is finished, all differences detected are going to be shown on both documents, and the first of them will be shown within a box.

4. Compare

5. You can navigate from one difference to the next by clicking the Next difference button or to the previous by clicking the Previous difference button.

5. Navigate

6. The appearance of the elements added to the documents in the comparison can be modified by selecting Options > Appearance options. Here you can change colors, dimensions and other characteristics of the information showed by Kiwi over the documents. The changes applied here will be effective both in the visualization of the documents in Kiwi, and in the printing of the same ones that are done from that moment with this program.

6. Appearance Options

7. Results can be printed by clicking Print buttons located in both document panel top bars. Here you can decide if the boxes that frame differences are going to be shown or not, and if the generated documents are going to contain all the pages of the document or only the changed ones.

7. Print