The tool to compare PDF files

KIWI PDF Comparer

Detects changes in text and images and highlights them in documents, being able to obtain the best results on the market.

It can discard headers and footers automatically or manually, differentiate moves, inserts, and eliminations, select parts to compare ...
There is no other software with all these features!

Kiwi PDF Comparer - Business - Requires Windows, Mac OSx, Linux.
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Free version available.
PDF files comparison
New version 4.1!

The best text and images comparison...

Its powerful proprietary comparison algorithm, the result of more than 6 years of development, together with its unique capabilities, allows to obtain the best combination of precision and relevance in the results.

...without periodic payments!

Get the PRO version for only a small payment and thus get the best value for money.

Major features

No other tool to compare PDF has all these options for the same price!

Types of differences

2 Comparison Modes

Text compare (and images):
Find matches and differences in texts and images content, no matter which pages they are on.

Compare Pixel to pixel:
Page to page, as if they were images.


Detect headers and footers, or choose what to compare

A proprietary algorithm automatically detects the headers, footers, sides and numberings . You cannot have good results with any software without discarding them!

You can leave them out of the comparison or select other regions by hand.

You can also select which pages to compare for each document.


Distinguish different types of changes

- Modifications.
- Insertions.
- Deletions.
- Movements.

It indicates the place where text has disappeared where other software does not leave any changes printed in the document.

It also detects and distinguishes content movements , if you wish.


Review each change moving to the next with just one click

Observe each change on both pages at the same time, boxed to an easy review, and go to the next change with a click.

Let the computer do the work for you: a precise comparison, avoiding format changes that do not interest you, together with a quick visualization saves you a lot of time .


What the specialized websites have said

How to compare two PDFs

How to compare two PDFs

Kiwi is a powerful tool to compare PDF that uses advanced algorithms, many of them created especifically for this, to detect and show differences between two PDFs. It´s designed to review different versions of PDF files easily, quickly and accurately:

1. Install and run the program:
To install it, execute the received .jar file by double clicking on it (you must have Java installed). If the installation does not start, do so from the command line by going into the file directory and running "java -jar Kiwi_installer.jar". Once installed, run the program.

2. Load files:
Load the documents and Kiwi automatically detects the headers, footers, numbering ... Select the pages to compare and if you wish, modify the regions to exclude. You can also change the modes of comparison and other settings.

3. Get the differences:
Press Compare and after the comparison process all the differences will be shown, and with revision marks. You can navigate from one difference to the next with a simple click.

4. Print results:
Print the result in a PDF document. You can print both the original and the changed document and choose whether you want to print it as a whole or just the pages with changes, and decide which colors to use for underlines, marks of review, boxes ...

You can read further information about performing a PDF comparison here:

How to compare PDF files

Compare files of type Word, Excel, Autocad...

To compare files of another type like Word, Excel, Autocad... print them to PDF with a software that handles these file types and then you can compare the documents with Kiwi!

Document types

It works in Windows, Mac OS and Linux

Versions are available for all three operating systems.

System requirements:
- Java 7 (1.7) or later installed.
- Windows, Linux or Mac OS operative system (Windows and Linux must be 64-bit versions, the usual ones on computers since 2014).
- 1 Gigahertz (GHz) dual core equivalent or faster processor.
- 2 Gb RAM memory.
- 1024x768 screen resolution (at least).
- 450 mb Hard disk space or greater.

Operative Systems

Find usual questions about Kiwi in the FAQs section:

Download Kiwi software

Choose the best option for you:


PDF Comparer


  • With some limitations:

  • - Up to 100 pages comparison
  • - Includes attribution texts on saved results

Kiwi PRO

PDF Comparer

19 $*

  • Professional capabilities for just one payment.
    There are no periodic payments!:

  • - Up to 1,000 pages comparison**
  • - Print results in PDF without attribution texts

(*) Prices do not include VAT
You will be able to know the final price (including the taxes applicable for your country) in the buying process, before payment.

(**) On many PCs comparing more than 300 pages could take a long time.

Kiwi PRO (PDF Comparer) is sold by Gumroad, a major platform to sell digital contents.
It´s possible to pay either with Paypal or credit card using secure payment methods.

Every license is perpetual (no subsequent periodic payments will be requested) and for use in an only computer. However, you can acquire an activation key valid for several computers by selecting the quantity in the buying process.

How much does it cost your time revising documents? Buy it and begin to use it right now!

Examples to compare PDF files

Download the following PDF files and compare them to realize how powerful and easy the Kiwi tool is.

Image comparison

Watch Video

See how to use the software. It´s very easy!.


Do you have any any aditional question about Kiwi?.